This morning I could either return to Marwell Wildlife in a second attempt to see their snow leopard cubs, or go to Bath to purchase an LED TV for my study, the existing one having been redeployed as my desktop PC monitor, a chore for which it is far better suited.

As it was warm and humid with the possible prospect of rain, there was a strong likelihood of a cub no show repeat, so Bath won out. The task accomplished, I had a couple of hours of parking time to spend an a shoot with my camera, and caught this street performer in front of Bath Abbey playing some exquisite classical guitar.

Unfortunately, I'd inadvertently knocked the exposure-compensation dial on the K-x with the wide-angle lens attached so everything taken with it was two stops over. Some were at least partially rescued in computer processing, including the two below, but others were beyond salvation.

Blip #518
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #533

Bicycles In Stall Street (Pentax 12-24mm)
Abbey Green (Pentax 12-24mm)
Parade Gardens Border Beside The Avon

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

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