The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


The one bright spot of my otherwise completely wasted and redundant visit to the Wiltshire Council offices in Chippenham (don't ask, my fermenting blood may actually boil over) was the walk I took during the forty minutes I was told I would have to wait before anyone could scan and copy the original statements they insisted on seeing;  or rather the one, yes, one person in the whole building authorised to do so (but who wasn't even able to do that meaning I came away having wasted the whole day that could have been infinitely better spent, not that I'm bitter).

The offices are opposite the River Avon, and this was taken on the other side of the river in the town centre, where the swans, pigeons and ducks are clearly used to being pampered by the good townsfolk of Chippenham.

Update: This morning I received a call of apology from the council, promise of a review of internal procedures, recognizing the treatment I received was unacceptable, and I can now send scans of my documents to them by e-mail instead (10.9.10).

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