Movie poster remakes!


Its fun to do special projects, and for some reason the arbitrary motivation of "it is a special number" is an effective one. To have a theme for some more projects I had the idea to re-make some movie-posters. This seemed easy at first, but I've come to realise there aren't much real iconic movie poster i'd recognize in a remake out there. Most movies have posters that show some of the main characters, and some random scenery.

Anyway, I still want to try it, so here is the first shot! I'll link the origional below, but I won't mention it here: I'm really curious how many people recognize it without the link, please tell me wether you did or did not 'get' it :)

I've done some shots like this before:
My 300th shot was sort-of based on this shot. (get it? 300? :) )

And there is ofcourse Darth Néomi, based on the Darth Maul character.

Both not really movie-posters, but maybe I should stretch the definition to movie-still remakes, Iconic movie shots or just "movies". Anyway.... Red camera for me! :D

this poster was the goal :)

btw: the shot was done not only thanks to the suit and modelling of ~nm, but also a great excuse to try out his lighting set. We used some white/black cloth for the background, a big soft-box (remote triggered) on the right (for me, so on the models left), and a small (light-triggered) focused light on the gun-hand.

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