Another movie poster remake

So this one is a remake of this dark night poster

It didn't put too much effort in it (apart from cleaning the marker form the door afterwards), but I wanted to follow up on yesterdays fun, so the project wouldn't stop after only one shot. And after yesterdays shot I could hardly do another fillerblip from something I found on my desk, could I?
It could be a lot better (the letters more 'bloody', and we might have tried to get that evil smile in too), but good enough for a quick-sunday-shot instead of a complete-afternoon-effort like yesterday :)

Check Yesterdays celebratory 1500 shot for more blahblah about what I might be doing for some more blips, but basically it is: recreate some recognisable movie posters (or I might extend it to 'movie stils' or something if posters seem to tricky).

And ofcourse thanks for all your kind comments yesterday, that red camera feels good :)

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