Brass Jaw

Well I can think of worse ways to spend 'statement' birthdays than chasing around Islay listening to wonderful jazz, drinking wee drams, and being two wonderful friends.

After a great concert with Otis Grand last night, we went to the Outback Gallery today (think outback, think beyond, go to its back and beyond that and you'll have found it) to hear Brass Jaw, four young men on their brass instruments and at the top of their game. They finished their concert by jamming outside the gallery in the courtyard having led the audience outside.

[Edit: It turns out that Brass Jaw have a blip link: see [url=]here[/url]. The tentacles of blip reach everywhere (especially in Scotland)]

Now we are in the pub in Portnahaven where there is a vestigial 3 signal sufficient to blip.

Have a great weekend, blippers, and sorry not to be commenting or appreciating other people's work. I will be back.

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