Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

B is for...

Brilliant fun

I've made it to 500 and I wasn't actually going to do anything special, but then I mentioned to H that it was my 500th Blip.

"Ooooooh what are we going to do for it mummy?"

Don't you just love that *we*. He's been my little Blip mate all the way through has H.

So we went out, bought a few red balloons and had fun; and got arty;

I nearly walked away... but I didn't, thanks to some wonderful people on here :-)

And today's Blip says it all really. Everyone agreed this should be the shot, even H, who quite fancied being 500 himself. Blipping should be first and foremost about FUN and so this is the littlest Grant demonstrating that fact :-))

Thanks you to everyone who stops by and leaves such thoughtful comments. You're a terrific bunch of people :-)

And then H let go!

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