Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

Excellent advertising

Another nice freebie from last night's entertainment was this great wee book. At first I thought it would just be marketing bumph, but it's full of useful information. There's background on where and how Hendricks is made, information about their carter head still (one of only four in the world) and most importantly loads of great recipies for Gin based cocktails.

Unfortunately there isn't one for the cocktail they were serving at the event, which was gin with lemon juice, elderflower, ginger beer fresh basil and cucumber and was just fantastic. I guess I'll have to experiment with the quantities to try and get it right.

I'll also have to head to the scop and get some Hendricks as at the moment I only have their rival in th enice blue bottle in the house.

thanks again Boudiche.

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