NEither one thing nor the other

A day spent mainly in the house today. I spent the early part of the day putting th ebedroom back in order after Roz painting it yesterday. After that I spent far longer than I thought I'd have to assebling the new bed we got in the sales. Our old one had been falling apart so it had to be replaced. Despite this one coming flat pasked it's probably the sturdiest bed we've ever owned and, as such, took almost three hours to assemble. admittedly I did the bulk of it on my own and I stopped for dinner in the middle.

The only journey out the house was an hours break to wander down the village and grab a sandwich from the deli for lunch as there was no food in the house. I took a few photos while I was out but I'd really liked Benek's monochrome sail boats so I took this with a plan to do something similar. When I started processing it at home though I just couldn't get a setting in which the reflections in the water looked as good.

In the end I settled on this for a bit of the best of both worlds.

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