The long way home

The journey home from work wasn't the most fun tonight. They are getting rid of the tolls on the Forth Road Bridge on Monday. This is a good thing despite the new booths only having been built recently at a cost to the tax payer of about £5 million. The only downside is that they've started dismantling them now which is wreaking havoc with the bus services.

My bus from work, which drops me off at the south side of the bridge, hit backed up traffic about four miles before the bridge. Half an hour later I'd only reached the stop two miled from home. Thankfully Roz was in and had finished painting so was able to drive up and pick me up. Had it been a pleasant summer evening I'd have walked the last couple of miles, but on a cold friday after a long week a lift was definetely in order. On the plus side, just as I got off the bus purely by coincidence The long way home by Tom Waits came on the iPod. At the same time I spotted a blip for today. Synchronicity in action.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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