By treegonk

Drive-by XXXIV

'Long Stride'

There was an interesting debate around here somewhere (which I've lost) about the different kinds of photography that people do - how some photographers get lost in the technical aspects and try for perfect technique, focus, depth of field, light, angles, lead-in lines, blah blah....

This has none of those. Not even a very interesting subject.

There's something I find quite nice about having a wee collection of pictures that have none of that perfection and I haven't tried to make them perfect in any way. With these pics, I click and see what I get. Sometimes it works out exactly how I want it, and sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone give a monkey's bottom anyway if it's perfect, apart from those technophiles? It's luck if it works.

Oh well.. a legless donkey could do better than some Turner prize winners.


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