Catherine Lacey: BoyStory

By catherinelacey

The whole world in your hands

We'd been sitting in the coffee shop talking infertility, adoption, special ed, the moms and I during school time and of her pregnancy. We'd talked for too long and needed to get back to class to make the kids' lunches and, pregnant Mama, back to the parking meter. Rushing out, she was flown straight into the air by a cyclist on the pavement. I sat with her along with the other mums til the emergency services arrived, one fire engine, 3 police cars and the paramedics. She's ok, just some scratches, but it made for an emotional morning.

And this afternoon I was showing Reuben how to type simple sentences and he enjoyed the experience. Then a call came through from the school district's psychology resource services to confirm that what we are fighting for is a "civil rights" movement dating back to the 1970s regarding Reuben's education. We talked of the families who've given up the fight when their child is aged 5 because they can bear the fight no longer, and those who are triumphing over great adversity for their 19 year old kids still. 19 years of fighting for their children's civil rights to appropriate education.

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