Plus ça change...

By SooB

The writing's on the wall

Beautiful afternoon here so after a slightly tense lunch with the in laws we all had a nice walk along Eskbank to Musselborough. I was having a little rule that I could only take pictures on fully manual - which I haven't ever used before. That of course means all the photos are rubbish - but this one was bearable. Isn't it hard being in control of everything? I'm even more in awe of all you proper photographers now (go on, make me feel better and tell me you all use automatic most of the time...)

Most bizarre moment of the walk was when I started explaining phototropism to my daughter (as you do) and she stopped me and carried on the explanation - saying I'd told her all this years ago when we saw some bendy sunflowers. I hadn't even remembered that. So now I have this horrific feeling that I've taught her everything I know in the whole world. And she's only six. She can't ride a bike though, so maybe there's hope for me (but then I'm a bit wobbly on them...)

What's that bit in What a Wonderful World: "They'll learn much more than I'll ever know". Still, I was expecting more time to be ahead in the knowledge stakes! Best head off now and dribble in my cornflakes.

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