Plus ça change...

By SooB

United Nations of Pebble

We are the annoying kind of people who collect interesting stones. I know you shouldn't. If anyone recognises any from their local beach/lakeside and are now rather short of them, let me know and I'll mail them back.

This is a small part of the collection - if you can call random piles of something a collection. These ones hail mostly from New Zealand, with some from various parts of the UK too. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get the whole collection together - hence the title. If you're really lucky (and I have another day where I don't pick up the camera until 11.45 pm, then you may get to see our fossil collection - ooooh).

Busy tidying day, then dinner with the in laws (yes, I see you've noticed, I do only tidy when they come round) and the rest of the evening laughing at Eurovision - which I haven't seen for years. Couldn't stop laughing at Graham Norton claiming the new voting system wasn't political at all. I guess he didn't have a map in front of him or any sense of history since he seemed to have no idea, just for example, where Finland is, or why Cyprus might vote for Greece.

(None of that will make much sense to anyone outside the ever-expanding Eurovision area - it's a contest to find the best song in 'Europe' and is a bit of a joke in Britain, only now they're talking about kicking us out because we treat as a joke. And they think half naked women swimming in giant tanks being lowered onto the heads of a claustrophobic-looking audience isn't just a tiny slightly bit funny?)

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