Plus ça change...

By SooB

Laid back

Mr B headed off to London early for a band rehearsal, so me and the kids treated ourselves to a day out at East Links Family Farm. There is loads to do and on a nice warm day it is a lot of fun - but they've put the price up so much that it is a very occasional treat now!

Turns out the peacock hadn't got the memo about giving the customers value for money, and wasn't opening his tail up for us. But there were some very cute lambs and a brand new foal.

Rounded off a relaxing day with a lazy afternoon watching movies (Aristocats - such cool music), clearing my 'growing like a weed' daughter's room of all the clothes that are too small for her, and mucking about with more still life practice.

Now the elephant in the corner (pile of ironing as tall as me) is rearing its ugly head - so fun time's over and it's back to work!

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