Plus ça change...

By SooB


Churches two days in a row? How unlike me.

This is the church my Gran used to go to, and she is buried in the graveyard. She died last November but today would have been her 90th birthday. So a few of us gathered, deadheaded the daffodils on her grave, shared a few stories about her, had a quick tour of the other relatives in the graveyard, then did something Gran would have approved of: avoided wallowing and headed to the pub for a big Sunday roast lunch.

I know the window should have been sharper, but it was a bit dark in there and I didn't really have my mind on the job. My Gran was called Dorothy, hence 'Dotty'. So, happy birthday Dotty.

Headed home to Scotland after that, muttering curses all the way at the motorbikes plaguing me - they make me feel very nervous as I'm so aware that they are very vulnerable (and hard to see) and I'm driving a great hunk of metal that could do them a lot of damage. Also most of them seem to drive like loonies.

On the way into our village there had been a crash, no police yet just a few passers by directing traffic. And a motorbike broken in two on the road. Hope the rider was ok. Doubt it.

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