Plus ça change...

By SooB

Double vision

Off for the mini-blip-meet in Hexham today (we knew it was going to be just me and my lot. Country File and Mojopin and their kids, but that's fine.

It was, to be honest, probably a bit chilly for a picnic, but we braved the weather and had a lovely time. Mojopin and I headed off at the end so I could be shown a few hdr hints and tips in the Abbey. However, I couldn't even get the bracketed exposure thingy to work - so we spent most of our time looking for how to do that on my camera (once out of the gloomy Abbey light we found a button with 'bkt' on it - but even that didn't seem to do the trick - time to get the manual out.)

Anyway, I did find a button that did what appears above - two exposures on top of each other. Can't remember what I did, and can't seem to recreate it - that'll be another one for the brochure.

So, here's what you could have won, another great shot from Mojopin.

We headed back to, once again, brave Mam's Aga to cook dinner. It all came together in the end - not sure we'd carbonised the beef quite enough for Dad and Mam's taste, but everything was eaten - so that can't be bad. Tarte Tatin with Goats Milk Ice Cream (catering to Mam's dairy intolerance - actually it was delicious) and raspberry sorbet. And still cheese to come.

Oh happy days.

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