Staring Eyes!

Noticed this whilst trying to chill out with the Man Utd game, whilst also reading about criminal law! It freaked me out, this guy held his stare at the camera for the whole time that the camera was on him.

A LONG day of uni - classes 10-5 - but they were intense. I met up with the girls I met from the course last week in Black Medicine after the last class. They all had classes to head to from 6-9! I got to go home at 6 to collect my new laptop. Before I knew it was 8pm - I had a lot of prep to be getting on with for tomorrows 10am - 9pm extravaganza! This is not a course, its far worse than my full time job with Victim Support, I'd take that back in a heartbeat !!!!

Well time for bed now at 2331! This was a panic upload as I thought I hadn't taken a single pic today, luckily I am slightly more organised than I thought!

Significant day

400 blips and.....

1 YR from today I will be a bridesmaid for Jay and Andy's wedding - the count down begins - Happy pre 1 yr anniversary guys , does this mean your -1 yr married lol x

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