Pixel Smiths

By pixelsmiths

The Journey

Want to squeeze 2 days into 1? Easy, work all day in Christchurch, jumping on a place to LA, then drive all day to get to Mammoth Mountain. Simple ;-)

* 13.5 hours flying
* 1.5 hour in immigration
* 1 hour navigating the airport and getting the rental car
* 1 hour to get to the hotel to pick up various purchased items, most importantly the GPS!
* 6.5 hours to drive to mammoth mountain, with a couple of brief stops.
* Whew!

It actually all went surprisingly well, aside from one small navigational error. I had to get form the airport to the hotel, using some pre-printed instructions I brought with me, as I had purchased a new GPS to be shipped to the hotel. Got thru 23 of the 25 turns, and then somehow lost one. Ended in the wrong direction on the wrong freeway. Bugger. But with some crafty impromptu intuitively driven navigation I miraculously found the hotel. Never been more pleased to see a piece of technology.

Now tucked up in my hotel in Mammoth. Big day biking ahead tomorrow. Pretty tired now tho, been travelling for 29 hours.

Oh yep, all my blips will be one day out, technically, due to timezones. And this was taken at 70mph thru the windscreen. Easy driving!

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