By PicturePoems

Woolly caterpillar

I did it: three swims on three consecutive days - and all deliciously uplifting and exhilarating. Warm enough to dry off in the sun and have a bit of a read on the beach, too. August in October!

Then, I spotted this little caterpillar crossing the beach - I say 'little' - he was about two-and-a-half inches (photographed him in the palm of my hand, so the measurement's pretty accurate) - but the long hairs made him seem bigger. I wonder if he lives there or if he dropped from someone's beak? I think he may be a tiger moth in waiting - a 'woolly bear' - but I'm not sure.

The warm sun brought out dozens and dozens of yachts, and the small beach (Landcombe Cove, only accessible on foot or by boat) was fuller than I've ever seen it. Took lots of photos, but the caterpillar won the day - it was such a surprise to find him there.

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