Lazy Guy

By faizanahmad

Slapping game

This is game in which loser has to be slapped on hands untill he manage to escape. At the moment, Anna is supposed to slap on the hands of loser (oh i mean kamran). you can imagine the violence in the game by redness of kamran's hand.


I was supposed to work this weekend for showing it to my supervisor on monday. After waking up at 12:30 pm went to Sadiq's place who has invited me on lunch alongwith Sameer, Anna and Kamran.We have alot of fun there including delecious lunch, rythemic music, and interesting games.From there we went to Nautica for swimming. Suddenly at 10 pm i realized that i m too late for my work. I left them and come back. Due to some reasons including my dinner and blip, I couldnt start my study untill now (it is 1:35 am). Infact technically I should be pissed off as bundle of work to do and one day left. You suck lazy guy

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