Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Cameras & Lenses

The above photo when you go Large is at pixel level of a group of birds that were 400m away taken with my Canon 550D and Sigma 500mm Lens mounted on my Velbon tripod. All the birds in the photo are Golden Plovers except for one, that's a Dotterel, but even in large you'll struggle to find it.

If you go over to RCB, he's got an identifiable Dotterel, by digiscoping it - taking the picture through the telescope (on 60x magnification) using our point & shoot Panasonic TZ8. You'll never get a really sharp photo this way, but you've certainly got an identifiable bird.

The reason for this mulling? Well I was quite satisfied with yesterday's Sandhill Crane (taken with the 550D etc.) until I saw this one taken at the same time and place as mine. Okay it was taken with a camera that cost double mine, fitted with a lens costing ten times mine and probably on a tripod that cost ten times mine too.

Anyone know next week's lottery numbers?

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