Treasure Trove #6: Postcard Pinboard

This third rediscovered pinboard is slightly different from the other two in that it was ever-changing, with cards and small posters advertising current exhibitions and theatrical events that I used to regularly update following lunchtime walks around W1, where I worked, and from visits to the South Bank and the like. Unlike the other boards, which I photographed unchanged, I chose to remove a couple of dated and unimportant cards and replace them with newly-chosen items from my collections of ephemera.

When I lived there, London was rich with fringe theatres, cinemas, independent galleries for photographers, sculptors and artists in a way that the culturally philistine wastes of rural Wiltshire are not, and so there is nothing especially contemporary among the replaced items.

From top left, the first cards depict the fully-costumed personas adopted by not-at-all-pretentious artiste Tori Amos to sing the cover versions on her 2001 album Strange Little Girls. Top right is a card to promote a concert by Kazuko Hohki, superbrain behind the ever wonderful Frank Chickens, above a pouting pin-up of the model of her inspiration for this ICA show.

No prizes for guessing the artist behind the works below Brigitte, but if you are in need of a clue, anything you said to him would go in one ear and stay there. Next is a surviving flyer for a photographic exhibition at Hamiltons Gallery in London's salubrious West End.

The four postcards bottom left represent a series for the CPRE highlighting some of the vulnerable landscapes considered at risk in England in the eighties. I wonder how many still survive? Above them is a portrait of pre-Billy Connolly uberbabe Pamela Stephenson, taken by Chalkie Davies in 1981 for his book Pointed Portraits.

Forming an island in the middle of the board are cards of paintings by famous Belgian super surrealist René Magritte, one of my favourite artists.

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If you have a moment, you may have missed yesterday's blip as it went up very late last night.

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