snapped by a curious mind

By iphigenie


Another anecdotal image - I was busy in meetings and travelling today so took about 5-6 photos. One of my shoes, some of a bit of wall, a mirrored building, and this.

I love the contrast between the industrial architecture and the flower basket - someone really tried to put a bit of color and nature, a bit of cheerfulness, in what is a rather ugly urban landscape.

It might seem a rather thankless, pointless thing to do, and yet without this little flower arrangement there would not have been much of an image here (there isnt much of an image with it, except i just didnt take many pictures).

Without the flowers it would just be a drab landscape. With the flowers it is an illustration of urban contrast, of the overwhelming dehumanising effect of industrial architecture, of small things making a big impact, of doing what little you can no matter what, or a dozen other interpretations.

Not much of a blip, really, and I guess it is the blip equivalent of putting a small basket of flowers on a sad wall

PS: it is actually a bit of a corner of Leeds train station where my lazier half made me wait 40 minutes!!!

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