By CarolineJay


I've seen lots of tributes to Steve Jobs on Blip today. I'm not a geek
(I hope) and I don't have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, but I have been
earning my living with his computers since I took out a second
mortgage to buy an Apple II (which I wish I hadn't given away) back in
the late 80s. I noticed last week that in Spooks, MI5 are using Macs
(you can just about spot the logo if you go large behind the late lamented Tariq in the above pic) whereas the Russian FSB have got Hewlett Packard equipment in their London lair. I'm not sure that this is great product placement, though, because MI5 have now been thoroughly hacked by the CIA in this series, and by the Chinese in the last one, which is a bit of a worry. I'd better update my security.

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