It Started Down Under

By dirk

Find the Cat

Our neighbours have a cat, my mother doesn't like cats. This situation needed resolving, because their cats are always looking for birds in our garden. I had to take a picture before I scared him away.

This afternoon I had a great time playing one of the big board games that my girlfriend and I bought together not too long ago. We played a game about railway companies and stations in early Britain. I ended second, her father won... no wonder, he works at a Dutch railway company ;).

This evening I went out in Eindhoven with the user group I am designing for in my graduation project. Teenage girls going out in Eindhoven are not easily frightened or scared away from the nightlife site. We had a great time, they were responsible and I did not experience much danger. So, what problem needs to be solved in my project? It doesn't get easier along the way so far...

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