The Life of Lauren

By laurgurl326

Goofing Around - Self Portrait[s]

Picture 1: I am a pouty Lauren. When I stick my lip out like this people give me things I want. All I want right now is to have a sweet blip. But there is nothing to blip, so I will just pout until my lips pout no longer.
Picture 2: Oh snap, why didn't I think of this sooner? I can just blip the platinum grill I happen to be wearing right now. It will be sensational. All the boys at the club loved it so I mean it has to get some blip comments, right?
Picture 3: All this blipping has made me tired. I should probably get ready for bed. Typical routine, right? Brush those babies.
Picture 4: WHY does the toothpaste always make me look like I just got back from being induced with Novocaine? I am certain this is why I have been single for 2 months. It's the dripping drooly toothpaste before bed that did it, I swear...;)
Picture 5: But now my teeth shine like a bald man's head in the sun.
Picture 6: And what is the last step before bed? OF COURSE you make the "ugliest, most repulsive overly dramatic bedtime kiss up the nose face only a mother could love" shot before nuggling under the covers.

After a pretty crazy day (see yesterday's blip), I just want to relax, chill, love life, blip, and be silly.
No one was really around to blip right now, so I improvised. This is my attempt at lightheartedness. Did it work?

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