Hopping around!

By Harebell

Staverton 'Thicks'

Today we went for a walk around Butley, Suffolk. The wind was so strong that it was a bit like 'Lawrence of Arabia' at times as the dusty, sandy topsoil was whipped up and around.

We saw some really old steam engines and then went on through the 'thicks' mindful not to stray from the path in case of adders, as per the warning sign.

The 'thicks' were the most beautiful ancient woods I have ever had the pleasure of walking through. Simply amazing. The dead tree in the photo just looked so dramatic.

We had a little diversion on the home circuit . Even though I said to follow the footpath sign, Mr H, he said to go straight over towards the church, over the field of nettles. Later, when we were once again on the right route, he gave me a kiss and said I must assert myself more. :0)

Anyone interested in the trees or engines could have a quick look here.

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