An Illusion

Elated at my success in being returned unopposed as the Honorary Secretary of that most splendid company of men and women who constitute the Forth Corinthians, I must report that I was allowed but little time to enjoy it. A missive, sealed and addressed in almost illegible writing was amongst the correspondence handed to me. I opened it carefully and my heart sank. Clearly this was news of the greatest import and yet, of such sensitivity that I found myself quite unsteady. To whom could I turn?There was but one man living who could help me. But would he? We had parted on the worst of terms more than a score years previously and his whereabouts were quite unknown to me. And yet I knew there was no other.
I made my excuses to the amiable brethren and headed out into the night. The clock chimed eleven as I hailed a cab to the station. In haste I made my way past the buffet car and settled down, alone with my thoughts in my Pullman sleeping berth. The morrow was almost upon me and I had much to do.

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