By tondrijfhamer


Yesterday, october 11th, I joined

I immediately tried (of course) to upload a picture I made last weekend during a masterclass landscape photography. But unfortunately that picture was suspended because it was taken 3 days before I joined Hmm. was recommended to me by other 'students' I met during that masterclass, Ron, Niels and Herman. So there I was yesterday, new at blipfoto with nothing to show.

Impatient as I am (sometimes) I had to go out tonight to make at least 1 picture to upload. I decided to go to a small village, next to mine, called Uitwierde and set up my camera at the Uitwierdermaar (a small river/pit between fields). I have been there lots of times, but never I saw the pit so full of duckweed. Dissapointed!!
My hope of taking a picture of the reflection of the sky in the water went under in duckweed. But I had to make a picture still.

So here it is, my first blip.

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