My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Boots and Jacky joined us for our dog walk today and it was fab. Lots of doggie delights and the sun shone!

Couldn't decide between this one or more cake that I shot this afternoon - food and dogs seem to feature rather a lot in my journal at the moment! However went for Boots as she really is rather lovely and only been blipped once, whereas Sophie's cakes have had numerous outings on blip!

Off to see the podiatrist later for some advice/help for The Challenge so that'll be interesting.

And the secret shoot is no longer a secret!

Sorry I've not had a chance to visit all your lovely journals this last week - all been really busy (good busy) here and we're off on holiday Saturday so trying to get everything sorted before going away - there's not quite enough hours in the day at the moment to do all I want to!

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