Make way for Mega Mindy!

Today I went to Martini Plaza in Groningen, with Martine, Nienke, Inge and we bought an extra ticket for Inge's friend Youri. Inge and Youri are still playing as I type this. So great to see that they still have this special connection even though Youri now goes to a different school.

Mega Mindy is one of the stars of Studio 100, a very successful production studio with very popular acts and shows especially for younger children. Both Nienke and Inge were very involved with the show and sang along with all the songs. Here is an example of one of the songs. This is not the best picture ever taken, but the 'seeing double' effect is due to the fact that it was a show with a 3D movie backdrop.

I backblipped Nienke's swimming test from yesterday. Check here to see a very proud Nienke!

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