Misty graveyard

Max and the boys went to Haywards Heath to help Max's Mum with the upkeep of her local wood for the day.
It was very misty this morning, I cycled through the cemetery to the Lensbury and did a great Pilates class, I've never had the teacher before, there was no music which was great and she talked non stop and really explained everything and checked everybody, other teachers have subjected me to Kenny G, latin guitar music, hippy crap and ambient dance, it was so much nicer without! Will try and do this class again when I can.
Afterwards I decided to cycle along the towpath to Kingston and back through Bushy Park, it was very pretty out and the sun was shining and although I saw lots of wonderful sights I didn't feel like getting my camera out.
After lunch I cleaned out all the cupboards in the kitchen!!!!!!! One of many long overdue jobs I could have chosen, I found some items from 2005!!!!! I threw away loads of stuff! Great knowing that everything is now organised ;-)

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