Hampton Common

I cycled to Zebedee's school to pick him up from his Tutor and decided to show him Hampton Common which I discovered a couple of weeks ago while he was having a detention, he really LOVED this bike track!
On the way home he cycled across the road we live on without looking in front of a car, the lady wasn't going too fast thank God and was able to stop literally a foot away from him in time, I had a quick reassuring chat with her and apologised, she was very shaken, a young mother with her baby in a car seat in the front with her.
We came home and Max and I have read him the riot act again about always looking, I really don't know if it has sunk in even now after this near miss, I also pointed out to him that if the lady had run over him and he's been badly injured or killed that she would have to live with it!
He has had 2 cycling proficiency courses, they just think they are invincible don't they, I actually feel quite tearful about it now I'm writing it down...

So I was distracted and the appointment with Gulliver's reacher went out of my mind...

I don't often change my blip, apologies and thanks if you commented on the gravestones but this had more to do with my day

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