Homework has become a lot less stress for all involved since Maddy has started plugging in her iPod and getting on with it. Here she is looking studious.

As for my day, work is hotting up. There are only two and a half weeks until the semester ends. On the positive side that means ten weeks off for me. On the negative side those weeks are unpaid and I still have a lot of students to organise in the final stretch.

Looking at it positively I should have plenty money saved to get me through summer as my hourly rate is calculated to cover my holidays as well. I might have to live a wee bit frugally by the last few weeks but I should be fine. I could always take on some freelance work but, if I'm honest, with Maddy about to start High School this could be the last summer where she has any interest in spending some of her days hanging out with me so I'd hate to miss out on that opportunity for the sake of taking on work I don't really need.

Anyway, since it was pay day today I had a mini splurge. I cought a couple of Tom Waits albums which I didn't have, the new album by Scarlett Johansson of Tom Waits covers (do you see a theme there) a compilation of Liquid Liquid EPs and the brand new Spiritualised album. All of them pretty good, even the Scarlett Johansson one which I would have avoided like the plague but for an excellent review in Vice magazine.

Then when I got home I took Maddy and Roz out for dinner.

So that's me done spending for the summer (well except for one more item which I'm committed to buying from ebay but all will be revealed about that at a later date).

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