By rubyjones

Change of heart.

My dodgy friend, sick of me wallowing in a morrass of my own self pity,
'sourced' me an illegal mojo.
It was 'donated' by a Colombian nun who wants to
buy her village a branch of Starbucks.
Problem is, everytime I fucking (forgive me Oh Lord) swear, I find myself
asking for fucking (forgive me Oh Lord) forgiveness.

The 'doctor' who did the 'operation' (I wouldn't normally have trusted this
fucking fucker (forgive me Oh Lord, forgive me Oh Lord) to play the game
"OPERATION" (rrp £12.99 at all good stores), let alone get his scalpel out,
but....needs must) tells me this will wear off.
I flipping hope so.

Thing is, I had to sell my heart to afford it.

Thank you for all the lovely messages.
They made me cry even more.

Will try not to be as fucking (forgive me Oh Lord) pathetic again.

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