By rubyjones

Hair today.

Was meant to be playing poker.
But end up having a huge haircut (oh god) from
a Toni and Guy Art director no less,
in R and M's front room listening to proper vinyl.

Slightly fuelled on tequila.
It seemed like a great idea at the time.
The haircut, not the 20 Beatles LP's.

A million years ago, I had a charismatic and eccentric
Polish friend at art college called Alexi.
He would shave his head every time he had some
kind of emotional crisis.
He said it was cathartic and kind of 'rebooted' his psyche.
I never saw him with more than a millimetre of hair.

I think this is my 'reboot'.

The haircut is quite 'edgy', big blunt fringe, very choppy.
I look so different.

I mean really different, I keep catching sight of myself in
mirrors around the flat, and thinking 'Fuck me! Who the fuck is that?'.

I've reported myself twice to the police already.

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