Photies, peeps & vee dubs

By wlb


This is the road to my work, the bridge is a single track weak bridge that some cars have trouble fitting over. On the other side is a F'OFF big lorry and it does my head in. It can't go over the bridge because it won't fit and it can't go up the hill because there is a line of cars behind it.

That lorry had to pass 4 narrow/weak bridge signs and two Ignore sat nav narrow bridge ahead signs.

When this happens the police are called who come and shut the road so the lorry can reverse up the steep hill...... which normally makes me about 30 mins late for work.

I don't know if it happens but these guys should get fined.... even if it's just for wasting police time.

End of rant.....

Oh, and I've back blipped loads if your interested.

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