The Michelin Brothers

Actually, that's a bit unfair on my brother here, it's mainly me looks like the Michelin Man. Or a throwback to an eighties episode of Dynasty. It took me ages to get into all that gear and the jackets already covered in blood (sliced my thumb on one of the MANY zips on there). I'm sure I'll speed up with a bit of practice.

Today was the first day the weather was clear enough to venture out on the bike we're taking out on the road for a few days from tomorrow. It was bloody Baltic and the wind gave us (me!) a bit of a battering but after a few miles the vice like grip I had on the tiny bar at the back of the seat and the pressure I was putting on those tiny stirrups eased off and I started to settle into the movement of the machine. Graham switched off the intercom at one point after my screaming and swearing got too much for him.

We headed out on some of these small back roads, mainly for a photo opp, but also because these are the kind of roads we'll be on up around the north west of Scotland. Hopefully there'll be less water flooding them and definitely hope there's no hidden pot-holes like the one we hit today (Sorry about that bruv).

Ok, off to pack my toothbrush. And lots of underwear.

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