The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


I spent another hour or so beside the River Avon in the hope of seeing the otters, but they stayed resolutely in their holts again. When I left, the riding school ponies had been released into the field opposite and were grazing alongside the cattle.

The evenings have been drawing in and the light was failing when I took this, enough for my compact to feel that I needed some fill-in flash, which I think has given an eerie quality to the foreground horse.


Blip #539
Consecutive Blip #011
Day #572

Backblips begin here. I took over 150 RAW photographs on Friday 14th and will probably not choose and upload a blip until I have processed all of them, which I expect to take a few days.

1 year ago: Bradford-on-Avon

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