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Top Of The Pops - October Origins

Sometimes you need someone else to inspire you to blip!

I was struggling tonight to be honest.

And then I came across WelshSi's Sony Walkman blip. So I thought I would take it a stage further!

The two albums in the background have particular significance.

To the left, we have Slayer's - Reign In Blood, which has to be the best heavy metal album that has ever released so far! It was released in 1986, and nothing has touched it since. 30 minutes of ear splitting thrash metal! Utterly brutal!

To the right, we go from the sublime to the ridiculous! That is Midge Ure's first solo album - The Gift.

I have said before that I am also a huge fan of electronic music, and loved Ultravox. This was the second ever LP I bought out of my own pocket money! It is an excellent album I haven't heard in ages. I don't own it on CD, something I should rectify! In fact, I have just bought it on iTunes!

If you look closely at the cover of the Midge Ure album you can see a greasy splodge just over the lid of the CD. I bought the album in Cardiff. Next to Cardiff Central Bus Station there was a cafe. I bought a hot pasty to eat on the way back on the bus. I threw the pasty in with my newly purchased LP.

I can still feel the recoil of upset when I opened the bag on the bus to find the grease from the pasty had soaked through on to the album cover. I was gutted!

At the front of the picture, we have the Sony Discman! The replacement for the Sony Walkman. I couldn't find mine anywhere. I used to have a bright red one. I still have it somewhere I am sure. The Discman still works! The only problem was, if you walked at anything other than a gentle pace, the CD's would skip from the vibration! Amazing to think I now carry 16,000+ songs around on a device half that size!

The Adam and the Ants CD represents my first ever LP purchase, which I annoyingly couldn't find for this blip! My first ever LP was Prince Charming, something I did replace on iTunes a little while back!

There have been a lot of albums that followed!

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