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Digger Rise

On the way to work I decided to pull over to take a shot. Though it may have been a bit better up by where I went last week, I didn't have the time or the inclination to walk there and so settled for what was in my imeadiate vacinity.

Just as I finished snapping a man approached clutching his DSLR. He told me he had just been to the best place, up by the bridge (where I could not be bothered to go). He had just finished his night shift and was giving up sleep time to take his sunrise. I told him about last weeks cormorant on the mast and he told me that some evenings there are two of them who have a mast each.

With that he went home from his stop from work and I went to work from my stop from home.

I have had to back blip this on account of my broadband not working on the day. Virgin media are a really unhelpful bunch who demand you run lots of tests before telling you that actually there is a fault in the area. Well more fool them, as I didn't run the tests at all, I just said I did to shut them up, before they told me about the fault. Ha, take that Branson and go back to your pickle!

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