a town called E.

By Eej

The Glory of Saturdays

It felt like I had slept in, but it was only 8.30 - win!
Fed the cats, started laundry, swept some leaves outside in my jammies in the cold morning air (36F/2C), made tea and breakfast, snuggled with the still car-less Beloved, hung up some Halloween decorations, and made Harley and Zeb crazy by throwing the massive pluche spider at them.
Then the Beloved was picked up for work, and called later to say he is no longer car-less; the darn thing started right up.

I was outside working in the garden. Which turned into pootling about in the garden. Which turned into putting food everywhere and sitting down to watch the ensuing spectacle. tWas lovely. Though not terribly productive ;)

This Blue Jay fooled me into thinking he didn't see me through the lattice of the bench. Until we made eye contact. Or, eye - camera contact really.

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