The Day I....

By Paega

The Day I Had A Reality Check

Over the past week or two I have been prepping to submit some stock photos.

Well It's not something I have ever tried before and the difference between casual amateur photography and the demands of formal stock submissions is hooge.

Rather than get my work rejected, I submitted to a critique forum and all but one of the five shots got criticism. If I am to get anything accepted let alone have someone pay for it then I'm going to really have to up my game.

But for today it was wandering along the Exeter canal and taking shots for me. A bit of a grey day ahead of tonights promised heavy winds and rain but it was nice around the quay.

This is beside the weir. Some kind of redundant buoy I guess.

In the news.... Libya has declared liberation. Call me a cynic but I imagine with the mutual hatred of Gadaffi gone then the differences between the groups vying for power will fairly soon come to a head. Why can't we all get on?

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