Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Sunrise at "Punt van Reide"

Two weeks ago I met Ton at the landscape photography masterclass. He organized a photoshoot for today at "Punt van Reide". So I was up at 5.45 this morning, to arrive at the location at 7.15. Besides Ton and three of his friends, Niels was also present.

It was very cold and I was struggling with the lack of clouds (as I always say for a Dutch landscape photo: no clouds, no glory) and the overall chaos of the scene. I decided to try one of the things I learned two weeks ago: if the location looks like chaos, go low and isolate something for your foreground. What do you think; did it work?

There's a photographer included in this shot too and if you look at this somewhat bigger you may even see what he was after: a photo of the seal that was swimming around the whole time we were there. The head of the seal, blurred because of the long exposure, is visible in this shot, to the right of the photographer.

Other results of today's sunrise shoot:

* Ton's Sundaymorning Sunrise
* Niels' Early Sunday Morning

Thank you Ton for organizing this. You even had coffee and tea ready for us; great stuff!

In the afternoon I went to Drenthe with Martine, Nienke, Inge and Ellis to see if the autumn colours in the woods are already showing. It seems we were a bit too early; it may take a week or two still. But we had a great walk nonetheless and I took some nice shots for the family album.

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