Journey Through Time

By Sue

Lan Su Chinese Garden

"Between Lake and Mountain Lies True Meaning"

Bill, Auntie and I went to the Chinese Garden that is in the Chinatown area of Portland, which is bordered by the Pearl District. We are very proud of our Chinese Garden and "built by Chinese artisans, it is the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Much more than a beautiful garden, Lan Su, is a 2,000 year old tradition that melds art, architecture, design and nature in perfect harmony." This recreates what a wealthy Chinese man and his family would live in in 16th century China.

Most of the materials used to build the Garden, including more than 500 tones of rock, came from China. Sixty-five artisans from Suzhou lived in Portland for 10 months while they assembled and completed the structures that were crafted in China. The Garden features more than 300 plant species and cultivars found in traditional Chinese gardens. It was completed in 2000.

This photo was taken in the Courtyard of Tranquility and looking through to the Fish Pavilion.
When we got to the garden the sky was overcast, but it quickly faded away to blue sky. However it was only about 45 degrees and we were pretty cold! We joined a guided tour and it was interesting learning about what these rooms were for and what life was like in early China and what everything meant. Everything has a meaning - - every pebble placed, every rock set just so, every plant has a meaning, and it was just fascinating. Of course they have a web site, if you chose to know more.

I wish I could show you all my photos, but these five will give you a taste. I hope you have time to look at Portland's beautiful Chinese Garden.

Across the Pond

Moon Locking Pavilion in front of Teahouse.

Scholar's Courtyard

Dragonfish, which protects from evil and from fire.

Bridge between Fish Pavilion and the main large Koi pond.

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