In passing

By passerby


One of my cousins had got us a DVD set of Top Gear episodes for the year 2005. And I developed a strong liking for them. My sense of humour usually verges on sarcasm, without being offensive of course. And I identify with the humour in this show. The friendly banter, the jokes aimed at one another are taken in the kind of spirit as it should be among friends. I do not mind watching them again and again.

This one, is one of my favourites. It was about Super cars. They raced three of them from northern France to the gorges in south-west France, all the way to the Millau Viaduct, stopping at Paris midway. The locales were fabulous to say the least. But it was the way in which super cars were described, the way in which they transcend barriers of 'need' and practicality to become something we love, something we are in awe of - and then drawing a parallel to the bridge, that perhaps motivations of a similar kind were involved in its making as well.

There is much about the episode that strikes a chord, given how cut-and-dry reality can sometimes be.

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