Lifeguards on duty

dark's mention of his new wide-angle toy and his subsequent musings about what to do with it, prompted me to take an hour away from the work grind at lunchtime and bring my wide-angle converter out for a bit of a spin. I began in one of my favourite haunts, St Anne's Park, and then went on via Raheny across the causeway to Bull Island and Dollymount Strand. The tide was on the way in, there was only a smattering of people around, the sky was wonderful, and I had a ball. There were lots more, which I may upload later to Picasa, but this was my favourite of the batch.

I'm posting early today because of another hectic weekend ahead. I'm leaving the car at Carl's place this evening, and will take the DART in to town to meet up with my eat-out-once-a-month mate. I'll probably get the NiteLink back to Carl's place in the early hours (or a taxi if needs be), then we've an early start in the morning to get over to his mum and dad's church for their annual fête. After that I head for town for our Music Group session, and Carl comes in to meet me when that's over to whisk me off for a belated birthday meal (venue top-secret). We may fit in a movie in Carl's Kino on Sunday forenoon, and then there's the Canadian Grand Prix to watch around 5.00 pm. It'll be Sunday night, so, by the time I get back to being gainfully employed. Ah well, I'm bound to be refreshed and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after such a quiet weekend.

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