Up bright and early this morning, leisurely breakfast of toast and scrambled quail eggs then camera packed and headed off with a Thermos full of hot black coffee to wait for the sun to rise over the picturesque Auld Toon.

As if.

Detoured off the Wacky Races track on the commute to work to escape the mad white van* driver that had driven so close to my rear end for two miles that I couldn't see his face in the rear view mirror (only his copy of 'The Sun' in front of him on the dashboard).

Worth it though as there were deer bounding over the fields and buzzards circling above the field full of geese. Better quality of wildlife on the single-track roads.

Talking of which, the second episode of the BBC's 'Frozen Planet's on soon. I can take or leave (mostly leave) the bulk of the TV that's on the go just now, but, for the jaw dropping photography alone this one's got me hooked. I might even pay the TV licence this year because of this.

Best viewed big, in all its refinery.

*It was a yellow van driver, aspiring to to be a white van driver.

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