Indecent Exposures

By CullenSkink

You can Lead a Horse to Water...

Apologies for the last-minute blip. It's part of some crispy, honey-glazed, pan-fried chicken with fresh rice noodles and a tangy thai green curry sauce.

After having been at college all day, I took my explorer scouts (I'm a scout leader) for a cooking evening. The food didn't turn out too bad actually so I think overall, it was a success. But you would not believe how hard it is to get a group of 14-18yr olds to try a type of food that isn't chicken nuggets, sausages or chips. Seriously, illnesses, allergies wobbly bottom lips all appear out of nowhere as soon as they're threatened with some real food. I mean I'd expect it from the younger kids but these guys are old enough to be married. I blame the parents...

Anyway, I was hoping to grab a few shots while the happy children were busy cooking up a storm but I ended up being rushed off my feet and only thought of my blip once everything had been packed away. So this is the result!

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