Sunday Cruise......

Great day to be on a river cruise, not I, but lots were. It was so warm with just a slight breeze, I think the sun touched my fair skin as I waited for the MV Tuhoe to come into port.

A quiet shot today after yesterday's dramatic sky hovering above 'The Chair'. I was full of emotion to see it holding top spot on the spotlight page today, couldn't believe it but very touched and overwhelmed by all the  lovely comments, hearts and stars - you are all amazing and I appreciate all of your support - thank you from the bottom of my heart :))

I apologize for being behind with comments, life is not easy with having the painter here, our house is upside down and caos everywhere. Tonight I'm helping Daughter E vacate her room into Daughter A's room and then it will be moving the computer, TV, dining table and a couple of chairs from the lounge into the kitchen or out under the verandha leaving our main bedroom to deal with in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Until then hope your all having a good weekend and the weather is being kind to you - I'll be back soon :)

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